[php-maint] Bug#549492: Bug#549492: segmentation faults in version 5.3.1-4

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Thu Mar 4 22:06:29 UTC 2010


On Thu, Mar 04, 2010 at 01:42:58PM -0700, Count László de Almásy wrote:
> any ideas here? php-cgi continues to segfault. until this problem,
> this has been a more or less rock solid server. now it's not. :-/

well, on the bright side the segfaulting seems to be in the shutdown
code, so i'm guessing that the pages are still getting served, right? :)

how about the output of "bt full" instead of just "bt"?

at this point i can suggest taking one of two actions:

1) isolate the code which causes the segfault, and try to get it
   narrowed down to something which could be reproduced outside of
   your app.  it could also be that it's not specific code but a
   race condition that only happens every X requests.  if you could
   even reproduce it like that it'd be a good datapoint.
2) reporting the bug to bugs.php.net, though you should be prepared
   to try a nightly snapshot for them to take your report seriously.

but of course, there's also,

3) do nothing and wait to see if it gets fixed on its own.

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