[php-maint] asking to join the pkg-php project

Thijs Kinkhorst thijs at debian.org
Mon Mar 22 19:22:21 UTC 2010


On moandei 22 Maart 2010, J.M.Roth wrote:
> Hello,
> Elizabeth Krumbach referred me here.
> Actually I was asking for access to the SVN repo to get #442351 flying.
> I also have several other packages (pear packages and stuff) that are
>  needed to get the new release of serendipity going (#541740, #570659).

I don't think I have the right to approve JM, but would be in favour if 
someone who has does so. JM is actively working on PHP-related stuff and is 
interested to work on a number of PHP modules. We can definately use more help 
in that area. And, thinking worst case there's not much damage you can do with 
revision control that cannot be undone, so I see no barriers.

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