[php-maint] php-imagick uploaded to mentors

Raphael Geissert geissert at debian.org
Thu Mar 25 05:56:50 UTC 2010

On 24 March 2010 11:52, Guillaume Delacour <gui at iroqwa.org> wrote:
> Raphael Geissert a écrit :
>> debian/*post{inst,rm}:
>> * The module enabling/disabling is unnecessary and will be handled
>> later with the inclusion of the extensions manager.
> I just discovered your proposal on the extension manager. I don't know
> if i have to adapt the package to use it now...

Nothing needs to be modified atm.

>> * Not sure it is worth adding all the phpX stuff, but well...
>>   - if you are still going ahead with it, then:
>>   a) the calls to phpize also need versioned
>>   b) phpize --clean only needs to be called during the clean target
> Done
>>   c) you can't use DEB_SRCDIR directly, as adding another dependency
>> on configure_for_php% would overwrite what the previous one did. This
>> is not what you want
>> * If you are using cdbs why don't you just use its autotools class?
> I'm not very familiar with cdbs, and i don't know if it is a good thing
>  to have a different packaging method than other php related packages.
> I would prefer to have an example for another module for php-imagick
> packaging, any advices ?

Use what you understand and what you are willing to use and maintain.
Whether that is cdbs, debhelper, or a build system without dh_ at all.

I personally prefer cdbs (but I've plans to write something that
doesn't require debhelper at all) and for some new packages I'm going
to use some fairly simple and generic rules. Might push them to
git.d.o before the weekend.

>> debian/watch:
>> * You need to mangle the upstream versions, otherwise it reports:
>> Newest version on remote site is 3.0.0b2, local version is 3.0.0~rc1
> I lacked time to try to fix it some days ago and learn a bit more on
> uscan/watch; i modified it to:
> version=3
> opts="uversionmangle=s/RC/rc/,dversionmangle=s/~//" \
>        http://pecl.php.net/package/imagick /get/imagick-(.+)\.tgz

What you actually need to do is modify upstream's version with
uversionmangle and prefix all b<something> and rc<something> with ~.

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