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Mon Mar 29 23:06:26 UTC 2010

value should be a string and converts the 0 to one. libmysqlcient's
mysql_options is then called:

ret =3D mysql_options(mysql->mysql, mysql_option, Z_STRVAL_PP(&mysql_value)=

mysql_option's relevant code (just executed code, actually) is:


And that's all. Like I said, I can't reproduce it.

But there's something interesting from the recently reported (besides
from the 'at something/file.c' not matching the real file for
zif_mysqli_options) (which is also from a
lighttpd/gallery2 combination.)

Since the variables holding the arguments passed to the function (from
php space)  are not yet initialized they indicate php is segfaulting
during zend_parse_method_parameters.

The only recent commit that is related to mysqli is[1] (btw, I might
be too tired but I don't see how that change could possibly fix a
memory leak -- CC'ing Felipe for that.)


Raphael Geissert - Debian Developer -

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