[php-maint] Bug#586550: ffmpeg-php: FTBFS with ffmpeg >= 0.6

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Sat Dec 31 23:47:31 UTC 2011

retitle 586550 ffmpeg-php: FTBFS with ffmpeg >= 0.6
tags 586550 +patch

ffmpeg 0.7 is now in unstable and ffmpeg-php FTBFS in unstable with the following error.

checking whether to force gd support in ffmpeg-php... yes
configure: error: ffmpeg shared libraries not found. Make sure ffmpeg is compiled as shared libraries using the --enable-shared option
checking for ffmpeg headers... ...found in /usr/include/libavcodec
checking for ffmpeg libavcodec.so... 
make: *** [build-stamp] Error 1

When trying to get the package buildable again I ended up with a number of fixes
* two patches from ubuntu for ffmpeg and libav changes
* a patch to config.m4 to make the package find libavcodec.so 
* a patch to fix the expected result of a the ID3 test
* a change to debian/rules to make it run the tests noninteractively
  (for some reason even after I fixed the failing test
  it still prompted me to send a report)

note: the config.m4 patch is a quick and dirty fix for debian, unfortunately there is not
yet any cross-distro way to retrive the multiarch triplet (mostly because other distros
have not yet accepted multiarch).

A patch is attatched containing all the fixes listed above.

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