[php-maint] Packaging PHP_CodeCoverage and others from phpunit.de (needed by phpunit 3.5)

Olivier Berger olivier.berger at it-sudparis.eu
Fri Feb 4 14:05:13 UTC 2011


Thomas Goirand <zigo <at> debian.org> writes:
> On 02/03/2011 02:43 AM, Luis Uribe wrote:
> > Regarding the other packages, they are "small" but don't know if you
> > have the time to review it. Or do you think it's better to ask for a
> > revision on php-pkg-maint@? 
> I may have time (I usually do for small PHP pear packages), but it's
> always better to do such a request publicly, on both
> debian-mentors <at> lists.d.o and the PKG-php list, even if you address to me
> directly. In Debian, we love things to be open and public, and I begin
> to like that way as well (it took me some time, but now I do). Others
> might pick-up some issues, see what I write and correct me if I'm wrong
> (DDs aren't god and don't know everything), etc.


> Homepage: https://github.com/sebastianbergmann/php-timer
> Vcs-Git: git://github.com/sebastianbergmann/php-timer
> The Vcs-Git thing is *not* the upstream Git, but the one used by *you*
> for your Debian packaging work. In fact, I did the same mistake, so I
> understand why you did it. Here's am example from my xen-qemu-dm package:
> Vcs-Browser: http://git.debian.org/?p=users/zigo/xen-qemu-dm-4.0.git
> Vcs-Git: http://git.debian.org/git/users/zigo/xen-qemu-dm-4.0.git
> You may want to setup a new account on Alioth for that (maybe
> uribe-guest), and do your Debian packaging using Git. In fact, best
> would be to host that in the pkg-xen archive directly (in /git/pkg-php),

pkg-xen ? ... you meant pkg-php, I guess ;)

> but you wont have the write rights if you don't join the pkg-php team.
> If you have a bunch of PHP packages to do, then it might be a good idea
> to join the project!

I'm not sure I could find that info : is there some collaborative maintenance
git repo for PEAR modules ?

I found http://wiki.debian.org/PHP/GitUsage but that doesn't seem to document
the case of PEAR packages.

Also, note that the phpunit-related packages aren't maintained upstream in the
standard PEAR repos, but instead in phpunit.de ... would it make a difference,
relating to their maintenance ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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