[php-maint] Co-maintenance of phpunit ? - Was: Re: Packaging PHP_CodeCoverage and others from phpunit.de (needed by phpunit 3.5)

Thomas Goirand thomas at goirand.fr
Sat Feb 5 03:26:15 UTC 2011

On 02/04/2011 06:16 PM, Olivier Berger wrote:
> May I suggest to those interested in maintaining phpunit to subscribe (and
> eventually followup) to bug #607393 [0].

Ok, subscribed.

> I'm thinking about co-maintenance if others are interested, through this project
> or another.

I'd be happy to give a hand for reviewing and sponsoring packages (even
if my time may be limited). But once again: I don't do CDBS packages, so
please use debhelper instead.

> pkg-xen ? ... you meant pkg-php, I guess ;)


> I'm not sure I could find that info : is there some collaborative
> maintenance git repo for PEAR modules ?

On Alioth, see /git/pkg-php. There's all the php PEAR modules that I
maintain there, and few others. Some older one are using SVN (note: I
hate SVN, not because it's bad, but because I don't know it enough... :).

> I found http://wiki.debian.org/PHP/GitUsage but that doesn't seem
> to document the case of PEAR packages.

I've just added this to the wiki page:

"Note that there is also a bunch of PEAR packages maintained in
/git/pkg-php. We would like to push others to use this repository for
PEAR developments as well."

> Also, note that the phpunit-related packages aren't maintained
> upstream in the standard PEAR repos, but instead in phpunit.de ...
> would it make a difference, relating to their maintenance ?

I don't see why we would need to make it differently. These are still
some PEAR packages, and should be maintained the same way. I just think
that we might take care a bit more about the licensing if it is using
the PHP license (because only PHP and PEAR things are acceptable in
Debian if they are licensed under the PHP license). I'm not saying it's
a blocker, I'm saying that I don't know... :) Can you tell what type of
license is in use there? I saw some FreeBSD things, which is of course
more than OK...

> Oh, and forgot to say I was open to collab maintenance on this one (as
> well as on the rest of PHPUnit, unless someone wants it for his own
> profit ;)

I think it would be best if you join the pkg-php project on Alioth, so
you can use /git/pkg-php for your packages. We'd better avoid spreading
all the packages across the HDDs of Alioth, because it will become a
mess! Note that I'm not an admin on pkg-php, so Raphael or someone else
will have to approve you in.


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