[php-maint] Bug#612743: Bug#612743: php5: PHP is compiled with LFS support, but this can not be detected by extensions

Derick Rethans derick at derickrethans.nl
Fri Mar 18 16:08:15 UTC 2011

On Fri, 18 Mar 2011, Ondřej Surý wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 13:37, Ondřej Surý <ondrej at debian.org> wrote:
> > On Thu, Feb 10, 2011, Derick wrote:
> >
> >> I know it doesn't; I was asking for making it detectable. Perhaps
> >> instead of LFS, you could use DEBIAN as "ZEND_BUILD_EXTRA"
> >> instead then? Or perhaps include flags with that, that show all the
> >> different Debian flags/options/or perhaps a debian specific version nr
> >> as well; such as DEBIAN1, DEBIAN2 etc...
> >
> > Seems reasonable to me, but I am not sure if we don't break other
> > stuff by introducing this. But right now it's a right time to do it,
> > since the new development cycle has just started.
> I have tested your patch, but since this changes the ability to load
> existing modules, there's a need to plan a transition and coordinate
> it with the release team. It would probably also be good thing to
> coordinate this either with other major distributions (so the LFS flag
> is same everywhere) or move this logic directly to PHP upstream.

Yes, that makes sense.

> What do you (and other pkg-php maintainers) think? My guess would be
> that best solution would be to move this to upstream, so it's
> consistent even for local custom builds with _FILE_OFFSET_BITS == 64.

I think this makes sense to me. Adding LFS to out ZEND_BUILDIN_EXTRA 
stuff alongside with the ZTS and DEBUG flags makes a lot of sense.
I am cc-ing php internals here. As a reference, this is the issue:


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