[php-maint] Bug#612286: Bug#612286: README should be in /usr/share/doc/php-pear/

Ondřej Surý ondrej at debian.org
Fri Mar 18 16:46:57 UTC 2011

close 612286
thank you

> Please, can you enlighten me ?

Debian Policy is your friend...

But not to sound RTFMish... here's the relevant part:

--cut here--
12.3 Additional documentation

Any additional documentation that comes with the package may be
installed at the discretion of the package maintainer.


It is often a good idea to put text information files (READMEs,
changelogs, and so forth) that come with the source package in
/usr/share/doc/package in the binary package. However, you don't need
to install the instructions for building and installing the package,
of course!
--cut here--

And our maintainer discretion is to keep the same structure as PEAR
documentation to not make things complicated. Hence closing the bug,
no reason to keep it open.

Olivier, I know you're trying to help, but such nitpicking in a
situation when we have ~125 open bugs on src:php5 including various
segfaults in not really helping. If you have a time, it would be much
better if you could do some little bug maintenance like retesting old
bugs with php in stable, pinging old bugs if the submitter can still
reproduce the problem, etc., etc...

Ondřej Surý <ondrej at sury.org>

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