[php-maint] Bug#668597: php5 creates weird files in /

Ulf Hermann ulfhermann at kulturserver.de
Fri Apr 13 16:46:01 UTC 2012

> What were the timestamps on those files that you found in / from this
> event?  Were they current with a similar timestamp to the messages
> you share below?  Or were they much older?  Could this have been
> something that happened a long time ago?  Or is this something that
> is continuing to happen daily?

I'll just attach all of those files (renamed, though, and in no
particular order), then you can see for yourself. It didn't happen every
sunday, but almost and some are on other times. The sunday thing
correlates with the logrotate cronjob I posted before. There's no other
cronjob running in the daily schedule (at 6:25), but only ever does
anything on sunday. The files contain the deprecation messages.

> The timestamps above show that it has been happening not quite
> weekly.  It looks like it skipped a week on the 18th.  But has
> otherwise been happening on Sunday.  That could be a clue to find the
> cron task that runs weekly on Sunday to find what has been happening.
> Those init files are part of the php-apc package.  What is the status
> of that package on your system?  Is it installed or removed?
>   dpkg -l php-apc

It's installed, but disabled via the deprecated '#' in
/etc/php5/apache2/conf.d/apc.ini the message is complaining about:

ii  php-apc                                            
3.1.3p1-2                                           APC (Alternative PHP
Cache) module for PHP 5

> Could you look through the cron scripts that run weekly and try to
> find what might be running at that time?

I already did that. The regular weekly scripts run at 6:47, only daily
scripts run at 6:25. Of those only the apache logrotate has that
behavior of only actually doing anything on sunday. So maybe it's a
logrotate issue after all. Maybe logrotate cannot handle error messages
from postrotate scripts. However, that wouldn't explain the occurences
on non-sundays.

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