[php-maint] Bug#674089: mime-support: removed application/x-httpd-* can lead to immense security problems

Christoph Anton Mitterer calestyo at scientia.net
Tue Aug 14 00:27:33 UTC 2012

On Tue, 2012-08-14 at 08:06 +0900, Charles Plessy wrote: 
> +  You should also be aware, that a server deployed in CGI mode is open
> +  to several possible vulnerabilities, see upstream CGI security page
> +  to learn ow to defend yourself from such attacks:
> +  http://www.php.net/manual/en/security.cgi-bin.php
I doubt that this is a good idea,... to teach our users that the only
mode (CGI/FCGI) that can be made somehow secure from an operational
point of view, would be not.
With respect to the site you refer to:
The educated reader will quickly see, that 1/2 are simply about a
problem that the CGI interpreter _would_ read any files... and how to
prevent this.
Well... but it never does,... given that cgi.force_redirect is set.
(3) doc_root/user_dir should apply to the other SAPIs as well...
The same is true for (4)... if you are stupid enough to put your mod_php
libs into the web tree... well then no one can help you.

> +       Action application/x-php /cgi-bin/php5-cgi
> +       <FilesMatch \.php$>
> +         AddType application/x-php php
> +       </FilesMatch>
See my really elaborate discussion on how this should be securely set
(and how it can be optimised in contrast to the above) at the bug over
at php5-common, which I've mentioned several times now...
It get's boring to explain this over and over again,... honestly :(

> For the release note, I think that it would have to clearly indicate that this
> only impacts the system running PHP scripts via the CGI package,
This depends...
The mod_php packages ship their own, more or less secure (again, see my
bug at php5-common) config snippet for Apache (!), that already
registers it's own handler.
So mod_php/Apache = safe.
php-cgi = will be safe when the proposed steps are implemented.

Question: Can any other webservers use mod_php? If so, they _might_ be
vulnerable, as the supplied Apache config snippet probably doesn't apply
to them.

>  which in my
> understanding are the minority.
Do we really know? Most people I know run either CGI (if just security
counts) or FPM (if security and/or performance counts)...
And apart from that question, I don't think a minority deserved less
security, just because being a minority ;)

> If upgrading to Wheezy would unconditionally break these systems,
No,... this is not necessarily the case,.. if people have e.g. set their
own handlers/mime-times for php in apache.

As you can see... there is not a single scenario or case where problems
necessarily occur.
Which is why I proposed before to add this not only to the release
notes, but also to the NEWS files of php5-common and mime-types.

To be honest (and this is not meant against you, Charles), I'm quite
upset to see how things like this issue are handled.
First, a feeling for security seem to be missing, and if something is
not a typical attack on a binary, but insecurity on a higher level like
dangerous configuration, it seems to be not considered as security
People argue forth and back for weeks, whether some text is too much at
some place or whether a safety catch option at some place (that is not
required under normal circumstances but might protect under bad
situations) can be added per default or not.

In the meantime, all those using testing/sid may have some problems...
and in the real world, there are people using testing or even sid on
their servers.

Now I noticed that problem and fixed it on all my systems by deploying
secure and even optimised Apache configs, which I then suggested Ondrej
to add to his documentation for the benefit of all.
Again, a not yet ended discussion, which really feels like a pain in the

Okay,... so much ranting from my side ;-)

But seriously,... I guess I've said what I'd do with respect to
release-notes/NEWS files several times now,... and also what I'd put
into php5-common for documentation and how I'd improve mod_php's default
config snippet.
So all I have to say is said... and unless someone has specific
technical questions, I'd like to back out from that discussion.

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