[php-maint] Possible release note for systems running PHP through CGI.

Stefan Fritsch sf at debian.org
Mon Aug 20 18:12:47 UTC 2012

On Monday 20 August 2012, Ondřej Surý wrote:
> Ah, I see; it gets executed when there is no know handler or
> mime-type for second extension.
> E.g. index.php.jpeg works as expected (e.g. returning PHP source
> code), index.php.blubb but gets executed. I don't think there's any
> harm in disabling php.foobar and php.blubb files.

There is also the case that the extensions after .php are known to 
Apache but are not associated with mime types or handlers. For 
example, there are extensions like .de and .en which cause the 
Content-Language header to be set, extensions for setting the charset 
(e.g. .utf8) and extensions for setting the content-encoding (none 
configured by default).

I don't know how often this is actually used together with php. 
Setting the Content-* headers in the php script seems saner to me.

> > Good to see that we are heading towards a solution anyway.
> > 
> > What shall I do with #674089 ?  I can reassign it to php5-cgi so
> > that your next upload closes it, or do we still need release
> > notes ?
> I think we still might need release notes, but it needs to be
> updated based on final impact of changes we have done. I am not
> sure if the information about <filename>.php.<unknown-mime-type>
> is worth release notes or just NEWS file in PHP. My guess would be
> latter, but opinions may vary.

Maybe add just a small paragraph that the configuration of the 
extensions has changed and php users should read the NEWS file?


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