[php-maint] Dear Beloved,

Mrs. Salangina Dii Lemmy linkofficial at ok.net
Mon Aug 20 18:26:20 UTC 2012

Dear Beloved, Good Day and how are you? My name is Mrs. Salangina Dii Lemmy; I am contacting you because I want to donate the sum of £3,500,000 to you.
I am seeking for a trustworthy individual or organization that I will donate this money to, to help run a Charity Program and if possible establish an Orphanage Home with the money as I will depart this wicked world soon due to esophageal cancer. I want to help poor kids and less privileged ones as much as I can especially the motherless. I am a widow and have no child, my husband and three children died in an accident, I have no one around me to trust as they all want to loot my assets and never care about my interest. Presently I am at the hospital receiving treatment. Please if you can be trusted and sincere to take up this project then I will gladly order transfer of the fund (£3,500,000.00) Three Million Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds to you and 20% of the money will be your gratification as a token of gratitude for assisting while you will use the remaining 80% for the project. I admit that we do not know each other and as a matter of fact
 stranger to each other, but before I started searching for someone online I prayed over it for 4 days for God to direct me to an honest person, so immediately I saw your contact I developed confidence and decided to approach and trust you for this donation. I wish you are that honest and hardworking type that I am looking for. Please reply me as quickly as you can for further details on how this amount would be transferred to your account before I depart to the bosom of God my creator, because my health has deteriorated so badly that I can die at any time according to doctors. Contact me back to my private email:  (mrs.salanginadivinelemmy at yahoo.co.uk) if you are interested and willing to handle the fund and proposed project. God be with you.Sincerely YoursMrs. Salangina Dii Lemmy
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