[php-maint] Bug#670945: About the media types text/x-php and text/x-php-source

Ondřej Surý ondrej at debian.org
Sat Aug 25 06:42:38 UTC 2012

> I have been coordinating the resolution of the bugs about the PHP media types
> with the different players including you and the release team, and we reached a
> consensus.  Then you suddenly changed your mind overnight, and went for another
> solution without contacting all the parties.

I did not change my mind, it's a _different_ regression. Although you
have merged them in BTS before and they have a same cause - removal of
(magic) PHP media types, they are different bugs with different

* The fix for first bug #674089 (e.g. with impact on PHP CGI) is still
in the place in the php5 package (5.4.4-5).

* The fix for second bug #670945 (e.g. http://localhost/file not
caught by mod_negotiation) was fixed in mime-support 3.52-1.1.

> In that context, I do not trust the relevance of your changes and will revert them.

Again please give a technical reasons for the revert. Using feeling
(or trust) as a base for decisions is not very helpful. You didn't
provided any technical reason why _not_ fix this in mime-support
package, although I have politely asked you.

When there's disagreement between maintainers, it's always good to
stick to technical arguments.

> If you want to add application/x-php in /etc/mimes.types, please provide an explanation of why it is not possible to use in Debian the same way as in other distributions which do not require that media type association by default.

Maybe they don't support mod_negotiation for PHP, maybe whoever know,
Debian differs in so many ways from other distributions that I don't
really see a need for this explaination. And I personally don't care
about distributions, I care about our users who are experiencing
regression from squeeze.

Also you keep repeating this, but I have already shown you that we
significantly differ from other distributions; Fedora for example
doesn't have text/x-python and yet you don't required python
maintainers to explain why it's needed.

> [...snip the part about adding PHP MIME-Type just to Apache 2...]
> Please explain why it is not suitable for you,

Because it fixes this bug only in Apache 2, but addition in
mime-support would provide the mapping in all other places which uses
mime.types file.

I don't see a reason[*] why we would want to fix this only in Apache
when we can fix on system wide level. (* - e.g. any breakage this will
cause). I would willingly accept removal if you can show me that the
addition of (text|application)/x-php will cause some bad side effect.

> and please also provide some hints that there will not be side effects, such as (but not limited to) annoying all Subversion users by suddenly having their PHP code considered binary and unsuitable for diffs, etc.

mime-support package had the application/x-httpd-php* mappings up to
3.52-1 for a long time and nobody complained, right? I am pretty
confident that adding different MIME-Type won't break anything (which
wasn't already broken before elsewhere and nobody really noticed - or
there would be a bug report).

Ondřej Surý <ondrej at sury.org>

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