[php-maint] Bug#626363: Segmentation fault and zend_mm_heap corrupted while executing piwik update script

Sean Dubois seander13 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 12:58:17 UTC 2012

Hi Dusty,

   Thank your for the backtrace. Unfortunately I don't see any calls
to execute();  See https://bugs.php.net/bugs-generating-backtrace.php
"Locating which function call caused a segfault"

   I am not intimately familiar with your specific issue so I looked
into it a bit more.

   If the cron job you are running is something that you wrote
yourself you may want to look into profiling/benchmarking your script
to find out if maybe you are having a memory issue (See Stackoverflow
post 4)
   I am really suspicious that your blowing a stack somewhere. Since
you are working with a very large data set this could be a hint.

   I would suggest reusing any objects in your code, also looking at
freeing objects after you are done with them instead of letting the
garbage collector take care of them. If you can come up with a test
case I would
   be more than happy to help you so more. Right now I don't have much
to go off of.


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