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Ondřej Surý ondrej at debian.org
Wed Aug 29 09:11:31 UTC 2012


your text is very hard to read and parse.

Could you assemble your comments into consistent paragraphs of
suggested texts?  (E.g. the final versions of the text you suggest we
use. Or send a patch.)


On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 10:32 AM, Christoph Anton Mitterer
<calestyo at scientia.net> wrote:
> On Wed, 2012-08-29 at 09:28 +0200, Ondřej Surý wrote:
>> With much cooler head and weekend after me and after carefull
>> consideration of Chris's
>> comments I have decided to go with:
> Good =)
> Some comments to your text :)
>> php5 (5.4.4-7) unstable; urgency=low
>>   * As a side effect of MIME-Type changes in the mime-support package, the
>>     default Apache 2 configuration doesn't support MultiViews negotiation,
> That reads like as if mod_negotiation itself was disabled per default in
> Apache (Stefan, if you kept on reading: I'd absolutely support this ;-)
> )... is this the case, OR do we just have the effect that is does (as it
> should) no longer work for the files whose php files were removed?
>> PHP 5 and Apache 2 Multiviews
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>>  Apache 2 mod_negotiation's MultiViews needs php scripts to have a
>>  MIME-Type to make the negotiation work.  We are using Apache 2 handlers
>>  (SetHandler directive) to enable PHP processing, so by default the
>>  MultiViews support is disabled in Debian packages.
> Again, that reads a bit, as if negotiation was generally not
> "available".
> Perhaps if we write: "so by default the MultiViews support for PHP files
> is disabled in Debian packages."
>>   You can explicitly
>>  add extra MIME-Types (different from magic application/x-httpd-* types)
>>  which will not cause any special PHP processing,
> [Optionally (but I don't insist), one could add something like the
> following here:]
> (unless another way than Debian's default way of enabling PHP is used)
> [just as a warning...]
>>  but just enable
>>  MultiViews negotiation support.
>>  Add these two lines to you Apache 2 config to enable MultiViews:
>>    AddType application/x-php         php phtml php3
>>    AddType application/x-php-source  phps
> Correct :)
> And actually... if it's really HTTP Negotiation that is desired (and not
> tiding URLs from /foo.php to /foo) we MUST NOT use prevent the
> file.php.foo issue, because we need to allow things like:
> foo.php.en (e.g. returning English content)
> foo.php.de (e.g. returning German content)
>>  Also most likely what you really want would be better accomplished by
>>  mod_rewrite rules where you can explicitly specify what gets
>>  rewritten to what (e.g. http://localhost/file gets rewritten to
>>  file.php, but not to file.html or file.js).
> I, personally, would rather turn up that like this:
> "If what you actually want, is to enable tidy URLs (e.g.
> http://example.org/foo can be used instead of
> http://example.org/foo.php) HTTP Content Negotiation is not what should
> be used anyway.
> That would be better accomplished by URL rewriting (via mod_rewrite)
> rules where one can explicitly specify what gets rewritten as what.
>> (e.g. http://localhost/file gets rewritten to
>> file.php, but not to file.html or file.js).
> That example contradicts IMHO a bit the intention that we suppose the
> user to have:
> We expect that he wants to get a file "/foo.php" be accessible via
> "/foo", right?
> So the user most likely doesn't have files "/foo.html" or "/foo.js" in
> addition (which would then of course be negotiated, too - likely with
> ambiguous results). Because auf this, a URL "/foo" should not get
> "rewritten", because negotiation only happens (IIRC) when the "target"
> file exists.
>> <I would like to add text here with instructions how to enable
>> mod_rewrite handling.>
> I'll try to write you some mod_rewrite rules later; I'm just on the
> train right now and I'll have to give lectures tomorrow, so not sure
> when I find time.
> Hope that helps,
> Chris.
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