[php-maint] Maintenance of php-htmlpurifier

Thorsten Glaser t.glaser at tarent.de
Fri Mar 30 13:05:47 UTC 2012


I’m writing this with my FusionForge developer hat on,
just in case someone wonders ☺

I’ve helped out Christian, who is formally maintainer of
the php-htmlpurifier package, to fix a dh-make-pear related
bug, as it’s not really a PEAR package, but now I have been
the only one publishing updated upstream versions into Debian
for a while, and I do not want to do that.

Christian suggested to hand over maintenance to the PHP
maintainer team in IRC today.

I had already moved the packaging (sans history, sorry
about that, but I did not keep one back then) into
collab-maint for easier takeover:



• the package simply installs files from the upstream
  code into directories, no PEAR magic or anything

• the upstream code must be repacked as it contains
  files without a licence and other bad things;
  debian/rules get-orig-source (needs pax installed)
  takes care of that (and removes .gitignore so it
  can be imported into the git upstream branch)

• it is patched to default to not using a cache
  directory, as we install it system-wide in Debian;
  users of those classes may change the configuration
  option to suit their needs if they provide one

• there are a few testsuite failures, which fall into
  two categories:
  ‣ one I think is related to the cache directory change
  ‣ the other does things with Shift-JIS I don’t even
    want to know about

  Test cases run: 213/213, Passes: 2601, Failures: 19, Exceptions: 12
  ⇒ still looking pretty good, so I uploaded it, but
    really, someone who actually uses this should
    look after it

If someone would like to take up maintenance, preferably within
a team, please contact Chris (as formal maintainer) and put me
on Cc (so I know) and Roland (as comaintainer).

Thanks in advance,
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