[php-maint] Bits from the Release Team: Freeze approaching!

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Mon May 14 11:27:12 UTC 2012

On 05/14/2012 04:45 AM, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Freeze planning
> ===============
> If there is something you really believe should be in Wheezy and you
> expect that it will not be ready before we freeze, please contact us
> *now*.


I'm trying to add PHPUnit unit testings into PHP and many PEAR packages.
The goal is of course package quality, to make sure that everything is
working. I believe that this is QA work, that will ensure we have
quality package, and that these changes are needed in Wheezy.

You can follow the progress here:


To put it shortly, the unit testing stuff works on my test box, we've
spent quite some time on it, and I wouldn't like that this work goes to

As you see, some packages are still pending approval from FTP-Masters.
Given the fact that the NEW queue is growing, and that nobody is
approving our new packages which we need to upload PHPUnit 3.6.10 (these
are new dependencies, as PHPUnit has been split into multiple PEAR
packages), I am afraid that time to add the necessary changes to run
unit testing will be quite short.

Does the release team thinks, like me, that adding unit testings is an
interesting QA work that is worth adding to the archive? Will you accept
freeze exception if I add unit tests to some PEAR packages?

In a more general way, what's your thoughts on this? :)



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