[php-maint] Bug#693856: Bug#693856: php5: Please provide PHP 5.3 as well

Ondřej Surý ondrej at sury.org
Wed Nov 21 07:53:22 UTC 2012

tag 693856 +wontfix
thank you

Hi Michael,

we had this situation before with php4 and php5 packages, and people still complained when php4 was phased out after a long long time.

I think that creating php5.3, php5.4, php5.x won't do any good, because people won't take any action unless they absolutelly have to. And it would just create enormous burden on the maintainers of PHP.

Also you still can stick to oldstable if you want older php5.3, it will receive security support for one year after the new release.

Ondřej Surý

On 21. 11. 2012, at 2:48, Michael Holzt <kju at debian.org> wrote:

> Package: php5
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> Hi there,
> Debian Wheezy comes with PHP 5.4. Unfortunately this release of PHP breaks
> a lot of sites because some functions formerly used for session management
> have been removed.
> This makes upgrading from PHP 5.3 (as of Debian Squeeze) to the current
> stable version difficult to impossible.
> In my opinion it would be great if you could provide PHP 5.3 packages
> in Debian Wheezy as well. Of course some packages would conflict (there
> can't be two versions of libapache2-mod-php5 be installed at the
> same time), but for example it would be perfectly fine to have both
> versions of php5-cgi installed. 
> In many cases people choose to install suphp plus php5-cgi. In such
> a scenario it would be rather easy to configure the system to use
> php5.3 for specific virtual hosts and php5.4 for others. This would
> solve this problem for many users.
> In general I would like to suggest to use "versioned" package names
> in general for PHP in the future. Have php5-php5.3-cgi and 
> php5-php5.4-cgi (or similar names) and let both of them provide
> php5-cgi.
> As PHP has a bad track record for making incompatible changes in
> there releases, this would greatly help many users again.
> Thank you.
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