[php-maint] Bug#690091: php5-fpm init.d script does not return any output when php5-fpm is started or stopped

Thomas Ward trekcaptainusa-tw at ubuntu.com
Tue Oct 9 20:51:34 UTC 2012

Package: php5-fpm
Version: 5.4.6-2

In php5-fpm, when using /etc/init.d/php5-fpm stop or
/etc/init.d/php5-fpm start, as well as when using the 'service
php5-fpm [command]' method similarly, does not report that the php
process was started or stopped. This makes server administration a tad
confusing. `pidof php5-fpm` shows it is running, but there's no
notification thereof that it was started or stopped (from the
start/stop script).

The 'restart' command does give output similar to this:

[orion]# service php5-fpm restart
 * Restarting PHP5 FastCGI Process Manager php5-fpm

I'd expect similar messages for 'stop' and 'start' as well, saying
"Starting" or "Stopping" accordingly.

This bug was initially filed against Ubuntu:


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