[php-maint] Bug#703740: php5: disabled modules are automatically readded to /etc/php5/conf.d on package upgrade

Christoph Anton Mitterer calestyo at scientia.net
Sat Aug 3 18:18:35 UTC 2013

Hi Ondřej

Can it be, that this is already implemented in the meantime? Well at
least partially...

It seems that the new:
├── cgi
│   ├── disabled_by_admin
│   └── enabled_by_maint
└── registry

Is about just what I was talking about.

I tried it and it worked... :)

One minor thing perhaps:
What I did was e.g.:
php5dismod -s ALL pdo_pgsql pgsql

But it just created cgi, as seen above.
So should I later add another SAPI,... I guess it will be enabled again
for those.

Can't you make a special ALL directory... an always evaluate its
contents in addition?

But apart from that... great work :)
As always, kudos to you and the other PHP maintainers.

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