[php-maint] FYI redefinition warnings of php5 compilation

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Tue Aug 13 22:55:20 UTC 2013

Lior Kaplan dixit:

>Any suggested fix in addition the forwarding them the warning ? (I'm sure
>it would be accepted more easily).

Sorry, haven't had any time to look at it yet. If there’s demand
this can be arranged at a later date though.

In general:

Things like a bitfield of 2 bits are only extended to 16 instead
of 32 or 64 bit on m68k, so adding dummy members is needed; same
for alignment of ints etc.

struct { char a; short b; }

│ a │ p │ b...b │

On i386 you get:

┌───┬───┬───┬───┬───┬───┐... ...
│ a │ p │ p │ p │ b...b │ p | p |
└───┴───┴───┴───┴───┴───┘... ...

Better make this assumption explicit:

struct { char a; char padding1[3]; short b; short padding2; }

(The second padding is always added e.g. by kencc, and also
when using the struct inside an array.)

Have a look at #696236 and #604603 for examples in other packages.

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