[php-maint] Bug#703109: DateTime->modify('tomorrow') Bug in PHP 5.3 in Debian Squeeze 4.3.5-4

Christian Stoller stoller at leonex.de
Fri Mar 15 15:11:00 UTC 2013

Package: php5
Version: 5.3.3-7+squeeze15
Tags: squeeze

I have a strange bug with DateTime->modify('tomorrow') in PHP 5.3.
Code to reproduce:

$d = new DateTime('2013-02-05 06:33:33');
echo $d->format('Y-m-d H:i:s')."\n";

echo $d->format('Y-m-d H:i:s')."\n";

Current output on Windows with PHP 5.3.14:
2013-02-05 06:33:33
2013-02-06 00:00:00

Current output on Linux (Debian) with PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze15:
2013-02-05 06:33:33
2013-02-06 06:33:33

I have asked the PHP internals mailinglist (see http://www.mail-archive.com/internals@lists.php.net/msg64587.html) and got this answer:

> The 5.3.14 result is correct. It was apparently a bug in earlier 5.3 
> versions.
> cheers,
> Derick

So it seems like the patch has not been integrated into Debian. It would be nice if this could be done.

Best regards
Christian Stoller

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