[php-maint] Bug#704011: php5-snmp: php fails to load snmp.so (i386)

Jaap Winius jwinius at umrk.nl
Sat Mar 30 03:27:24 UTC 2013

Package: php5-snmp
Version: 5.4.4-14

Regarding my last message, the errors about a missing pam_auth.so had  
nothing to do with this problem. That file is found in php5-auth-pam,  
which is not in wheezy. Apparently it was still present, but not  
functioning properly, no doubt due to some missing dependencies, so  
removing that package was the fix.

Otherwise I've discovered the cause of the original problem -- the  
reason for this bug report -- and I figure it must be related to  

What I found was that the php scripts that Cacti uses to query the  
localhost are now being sent using IPv6 instead of IPv4 as before. My  
local snmp daemon was listening on IPv6, but unfortunately I had  
neglected to include a directive for 'rocommunity6' set to 'public',  
so that's why in my case Cacti stopped recording localhost information  
after the upgrade from squeeze.

Cacti had also stopped recording information about my workstations,  
but this was for a different reason. In this case, php5-snmp 5.4.4-14  
seems to have changed how Cacti's hostname field in its device  
descriptions is allowed to be formatted. Specifically, I had  
previously been adding hostnames with the format  
"udp6:host.domain.tld" so that they would only be contacted via IPv6.  
However, with the new version of php5-snmp that format no longer works  
and I must omit the 'udp6:' part. That certainly doesn't work on the  
Debian squeeze machines with Cacti that I still have running.

I'm still pretty sure this has to do with the upgrade to php5-snmp  
5.4.4-14, because the temporary downgrade to 5.3.3 that I performed  
last Monday did fix things for a while and I have about six hours of  
Cacti data to prove it (for both the localhost and the workstations).  
Now, so far I've managed to get everything working again because all  
of the hosts and services that I monitor with Cacti are also available  
via IPv6, but I'm not sure what I would do to monitor an IPv4-only  
host, or an IPv6-capable host with an snmp daemon that does not  
support IPv6.



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