[php-maint] Bug#722916: Bug#722916: php5-fpm and nginx: "random" segfaults on perfectly working codebase

Thijs Van der Schaeghe thijs at catlab.be
Sun Sep 15 18:55:19 UTC 2013


Alright, as usual my "perfectly working code base" wasn't working perfectly
after all.

What happened was that I defined (and manually called) a few __destruct
methods on instances that shouldn't be destructed yet. I think this caused
some kind of invalid pointers.

I am still unsure about why the code worked fine before the upgrade (maybe
something changed in the garbage collection).

I'd love to share my "isolated case", but it turns out it wasn't much
isolated. I will try to isolate it some more, since now the required code
is rather huge.

I'm going to try to recreate the error in a single file tomorrow, maybe
it's interesting to see what's actually going on. The server guys are also
going to install the debug tools.

I'll add more information tomorrow, but as I've said, it might be a problem
in my code. (Although even in that case it shouldn't segfault.)

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