[php-maint] pkg-php-tools / php5-json - circular dependency?

Jonas Genannt jonas.genannt at capi2name.de
Wed Sep 18 14:03:50 UTC 2013


while backporting the newest PHP 5.5 package from unstable to wheezy I
got the following problem:

I have build php5 5.5.3+dfsg-1 in a wheezy chroot, put the packages
into an local reprepro archive and added it into the source.list

After that, I have downloaded the newest version of pkg-php-tools and
tried to build it in the chroot with PHP 5.5 enabled.

But this fails because pkg-php-tools needs php5-json *but* php5-json
needs the current version of pkg-php-tools. 

So if I'm not completely wrong, we have an circular dependency?


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