[php-maint] Bug#694143: php5-ffmpeg: FTBFS because of deprecated functions

Mikael Nordfeldth mmn at hethane.se
Mon Apr 28 21:37:52 UTC 2014

Hello, I would like to present a patch which will help build
'php5-ffmpeg' against libav-0.9, after passing a hurdle which is not
handled by the patch.

The hurdle is that 'libavutil-dev' has the header file 'time.h':
   $ apt-file search libavutil/time.h
   libavutil-dev: /usr/include/libavutil/time.h

The include path /usr/include/libavutil is added when the build scripts
configure ffmpeg-php, so the "<time.h>" references in various system
libraries get pointed to the _wrong_ time.h. The workaround I came up
with (because I did not come up with a proper solution) was to add:
   #include "/usr/include/time.h"
into /usr/include/libavutil/time.h

If the wrong time.h is read, as is the case for the first issue of this
FTBFS, several declarations of structs such as 'time_t' are missing.

The attached patch fixes the problems which occur _after_ the time.h
issue is fixed. The patch is designed to be put into the
'debian/patches' directory and added last in the 'debian/patches/series'
file. I don't currently know much more on how to package patches for
Debian projects :)

While this makes it build alright, there is some kind of problem
remaining. I get bad frame counts on the getFrameCount() call (45888
frames instead of something like 190), while referencing frames with
getFrame(n) still fetches properly, in my test case the last fetchable
frame being 188.

So if someone else could please have a look at how to make it build with
the colliding libavutil/time.h we're soon able to have this package back
in the repositories :)
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