[php-maint] HHVM under pkg-php-maint?

Faidon Liambotis paravoid at debian.org
Thu Jan 9 12:28:14 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

Over at the (absurdly long) ITP #727085, we're discussing the prospect 
of bringing Facebook's alternative PHP engine, HHVM, to Debian. Facebook 
looks very much interested in fostering a community around it, with 
significant code investments towards this direction (e.g. FastCGI 
support[1], major feature parity & framework compatibility[2] etc.) and 
Paul Tarjan from Facebook (Cc'ed) filed the ITP and is actively involved 
in the discussion.

László was the first to offer packaging it but I'm also very much 
interested, as over at the Wikimedia Foundation (where I'm employed at) 
we're discussing on switching to HHVM within the next few months.

As at least the 2-3 of us are likely to collaborate, I was wondering if 
there's sufficient interest from the existing PHP packagers and if it 
would make sense in your opinion to share the Alioth project roof or if 
you view it as a completely discrete effort and we should use e.g. 
collab-maint instead. To be clear, this isn't a call of help; help from 
the existing pool of packagers is very much welcome, but I don't see it 
as a dependency to this, or even necessary by itself at this point.


1: http://www.hhvm.com/blog/1817/fastercgi-with-hhvm
2: http://www.hhvm.com/blog/2813/we-are-the-98-5-and-the-16

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