[php-maint] Bug#754384: php5-fpm: Apache2 + php5-fpm using fastcgi breaks after upgrading to 5.6.0~rc2+dfsg-1

Lars Veldscholte lars at tuxplace.nl
Sun Jul 13 15:37:49 UTC 2014

Alright, I'm using mod_proxy_fcgi and mod_proxy_handler now and I
ditched mod_fastcgi.

Although I had to compile mod_proxy_handler myself because it is not in
the Debian package repos and Apache is still on 2.4.9 (both in testing
and sid), it is not difficult at all if you use apxs2.

I use it with UDS and if you configure it like in David's example, it
works great. Also, no problems with mod_rewrite and such (which you do
have if you use mod_proxy_fcgi with ProxyPass). I also upgraded to PHP
5.6.0~rc2+dfsg-1 again, and I have no issues with it.

I recommend anyone hit by this bug to switch from mod_fastcgi to

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