[php-maint] Bug#807386: php-defaults: Substitution of @PHP_VERSION@ variable in package descriptions not working for some packages

Beatrice Torracca beatricet at libero.it
Tue Dec 8 10:33:28 UTC 2015

Package: php-defaults
Severity: minor


while working at packages' descriptions translations I noticed that most
(if not all) binary packages built from php-defaults package share one
last paragraph which is

"This package is a dependency package, which depends on Debian's default
PHP version (currently @PHP_VERSION@)."

The variable substitution though seems to work only for some packages,
for example php-fpm, php-dev; for other packages is not working and the
name of the variable is displayed verbatim in the package description
(at least in the DDTSS and in the web pages)
as you can see in the packages pages, like here:


or here


Aside php-imap and php-gd, this is true also for php-interbase php-intl
php-json php-tidy and several others.



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