[php-maint] Multi version support for php

Thomas Koch thomas at koch.ro
Thu Feb 26 07:43:59 UTC 2015

On Wednesday, February 25, 2015 10:12:24 AM Walter Kleynscheldt - Hetzner  Ltd 
> Maintainers are mostly volunteers with work and family with a limited
> time resources, so things happens in their own time (unless somebody
> pays for the development - either with developer time or money).
> That is perfect!
> I look forward to the prospect then, and appreciate the limited time.
> We'll certainly consider contributing either financially or by adding
> some developer time to help make this happen.
> Thanks so much for the feedback.

Hi Walter,

I'm working for a small shop (3 devs) and we need PHP 5.6 for Wheezy but can't 
effort to do the backporting ourself. But I'm a Debian Maintainer and have the 
ability to work on this, if our company can raise some supporting funding for 


Thomas Koch

P.s. Have you heared that Debconf 2016 will be in south africa?

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