[php-maint] Multi version support for php

Thomas Koch thomas at koch.ro
Wed Mar 4 09:39:49 UTC 2015

On Friday, February 27, 2015 06:41:46 AM Walter Kleynscheldt - Hetzner (Pty) 
Ltd wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> That sounds like an interesting prospect.
> As I've mentioned we have a package that we can use for wheezy that we
> are happy with running at the moment.
> The rate of changes/patches to php5.6 might change how happy we are with
> our solution down the track though... ;)
> I'm not familiar with the process or what channels one should work
> through to provide funding and how much money we're talking.
> Can you perhaps elaborate on how this would work?

Hi Walter,

I talked with my boss today. We think that the effort might me a bit much to 
pay for a single company. Why not set up a project on a crowdfunding platform 
and ask more hosting companies to participate?

We (comsolit.com) would be interested to do this job. But it would be fair and 
correct to first ask the regular PHP Team members whether one of them might 
want to work on this, like Ondřej Surý, Thijs Kinkhorst or Lior Kaplan.

Do you have a tight time frame for this?


Thomas Koch

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