[php-maint] PHP 5 to PHP 7.0 transition and change of PHP packaging to allow coinstallable versions

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Fri Apr 8 20:15:56 UTC 2016

Hi all that are checking their packages against php7.0,

On 12-01-16 14:53, Ondřej Surý wrote:
> PHP 7.0 has landed in unstable with substantial changes to the
> packaging:
>   1. Every package built from src:phpMAJOR.MINOR now include
>      phpMAJOR.MINOR in the name, so f.e. php5-fpm is now php7.0-fpm.
>   2. Accompanying src:php-defaults builds 1:1 mapping to a default
>      MAJOR.MINOR version, e.g. php-fpm depends on php7.0-fpm.  When
>      you specify a dependency, please use the generic name, unless you
>      absolutely know that won't work for you.
>   3. Every path in the system has been changed to a versioned, e.g.
>      /etc/php5/cli is now /etc/php/7.0/cli
>   4. dh_php5 is now dh_php
>   5. php-pear is not built from independent source package.
>   6. master-7.0 branches of several extensions (php-apcu, xdebug,
>      php-apcu-bc) can be used as a template how to change the PHP
>      extension packaging.  It's mostly cut&paste since the d/rules
>      tries to figure-out most of the variables from debian/ directory.
>   7. pkg-php-tools package is still WIP
>   8. PHP 7.0 has changed extension API, so most-if-not-all extensions
>      need work from upstream to be compatible with PHP 7.0.
>   9. We expect to ship next Debian release (stretch) only with PHP
>      7.0, that means that all packages needs to be made compatible
>      with PHP 7.0.  Fortunately the PHP 7.0 is mostly compatible with
>      properly maintained software.  However some extensions has been
>      deprecated (f.e. mysql) and thus old unmaintained software will
>      stop working and it will have to be either patched or removed
>      from stable Debian.
>   a. I have managed to make src:php5 coinstallable with src:php7.0,
>      the change was really small and it will be part of next p-u or
>      s-u.  This will leave sysadmins the chance to properly migrate
>      their configurations.
>   b. Please test your PHP packages with new PHP 7.0, report the
>      breakages to upstream as soon as possible, so we can make the
>      next Debian stable release even better.

What I was missing from this list of changes is that multiple packages
have now been split off from the php package. For me, php-xml and
php-mbstring are new dependencies for my package. It took me a while to
figure that out (and caused an unnecessary bug against php7.0).


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