[php-maint] Bug#827370: Bug#827370: php5-common: mail clutter from sessionclean cronjob

Daniel Reichelt debian at nachtgeist.net
Wed Jun 15 15:52:27 UTC 2016

> could you please apply this patch:

Thanks Ondrej. I'd already tried s.th. similar in the meantime, and, as
you presumed as well, this already ran into another race, causing mail

So, how about a different approach and simply filter those messages:

I'd deem just appending "2>/dev/null" to that find command too crude, as
it would possibly hide other, "real" errors. So I diverted find's
STDERR, grep'ping -v just those "No such file or directory" messages and
(re-diverting to STDERR) let the rest pass.

Since the process substition I used is a bashism, the attached patch
also changes the shebang to bash.


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