[php-maint] drupal7: PHP 7.0 Transition ← Help requested!

Gunnar Wolf sistop at gwolf.org
Thu May 5 19:20:49 UTC 2016

tag 821482 + confirmed upstream patch pending


I'm contacting pkg-php-maint as recommendad by Ondřej's original mass
bug filing, hopefully avoiding the removal of Drupal7 from Debian.

As it is now, at version 7.43, Drupal7 is *not* PHP7-clean, and it is
documented with bugs in the upstream tracker:

    https://www.drupal.org/node/2656548 — Drupal 7 PHP 7 testing issue
    https://www.drupal.org/node/2454439 — [META] Support PHP 7

Following the first link to the bottom, it *seems* that, three days
ago, Mike Carper achieved a clean test run on PHP7:


The patch in question:


Now, the reason to contact pkg-php-maint... Even though I maintain
Drupal7 for a long time, I do consider myself a PHP newbie. Could you
help me ascertain iv the patch makes linguistic sense in PHP7? Help me
check if this looks like enough, and without changing the logic?

I gave a *very* quick look at it, and the patch looks much shorter
than what I expected. I don't know the extent of the language
incompatibilities between 5.6 and 7, but if this works, I will be a
very happy maintainer.

I have created a "php7" branch in the packaging repository; I have not
built the package yet, but it should be doable trivially:


I intend to do as much testing as I can, but any help is welcome. I am
quite time-stressed, and don't want to delay this until I got time to
dig into it.

Thanks a lot!
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