[php-maint] Packaging gnu-social

Bhuvan Krishna bhuvan at swecha.net
Sat Nov 19 08:40:51 UTC 2016

Dear Team,

We completed packaging of gnu-social and raised an RFS. Please check the
following bugs which are dependencies to gnu-social.

Bug#844988: RFS: gnu-social/1.2+20160913+git7d67eefd+dfsg4-1[ITP] --
Distributed social networking platform

Bug#839383: RFS: php-net-idna2/0.1.1-1 [ITP]

Bug#842157: RFS: php-db-dataobject/1.11.5-1 [ITP] -- PHP PEAR module for
object based SQL query building

Bug#844624: ITP: fonts-genericons -- vector icons embedded in a webfont

For the last one we are still struggling to upload it to mentors.

I request the team to sponsor these packages.



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