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What Is Instant Checkmate?

Instant Checkmate in its simples form is a public records search service,
which helps you file through numerous police records, court documents,
public contact information and more data which we’ll cover shortly. All
this data is available in some form publicly, but Instant Checkmate makes
it allegedly much easier and simpler. Whether they do this well is the
reason for this review of Instant Checkmate.

This background check service goes through several databases when you
request a search, including county and state databases, and also federal.
In addition to public records this search engine also goes through social
media sites and profiles to find a specific person.

One of the main reasons people use a criminal background check service such
as Instant Checkmate is to help them understand the people around them. If
you have children, you may want to run the names of your neighbours to
ensure they do not have a criminal record or have sex offender status. The
same would apply with a new teacher, babysitter or anyone your children
come into contact with regularly.

Background checks are frequenyly performed on dates, especially with online
dating. It’s common sense, and a safety issue to know as much about a
stranger you’re going to be spending time with. You could verify the fact
that they do not have a criminal record by verifying arrest records for
example, or check marriage and divorce records to understand their
relationship history a little better. Some people call this an invasion of
privacy or creepy, but it’s really a matter of safety to do this.

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