[Pkg-php-pecl] More TODOs ; -) (was: IRC & my PEAR pkg contribs (was: phpunit comments (was: Please review: phpunit 2.7.28-1 and depends)))

François-Régis frv-debian at miradou.com
Thu Feb 13 23:21:21 UTC 2014

Le 05/02/2014 11:53, Mathieu Parent a écrit :
> I need to package a bunch of PEAR and PECL extensions that are
> recommended by php-hode-* packages. Here is the list:
> php-console-getopt (pear.php.net Console_Getopt)

This package has been superseded, but is still maintained for bugs and
security fixes. Use Console_GetoptPlus instead.

Should'nt we consider to use Console_GetoptPlus [1] instead ?

[1] http://pear.php.net/package/Console_GetoptPlus


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