[Pkg-php-pecl] Bug#789596: Bug#789596: php5-redis 2.2.5-1 stable causes segfault in php5-fpm - fix available in 2.2.7

Michael Hancock michaelhancock at recipero.com
Wed Jul 8 18:06:19 UTC 2015

Hi Jonas,

I’ve not been able to replicate it again yet. Most have been upgraded to
2.2.7 running on PHP 5.6.9-0+deb8u1 without any issue.

I’ve tried your test code on a reasonably plain server but couldn’t
reproduce the segfault. My experience before showed that it wasn’t
necessarily instantaneous but I wasn’t able to confirm if that was due to
actions performed by our code or if that certain conditions had to be met
in order to trigger it.

There certainly is an issue though:

On the test machine I was able to trigger a PHP error in the log relating
to extortionate memory usage (using only your test script). However this
would only happen twice after a reload of PHP-FPM (repeatable) and then no
longer happen. Additionally, in this case that fault never made it back to
Apache and the page still rendered. When this would happen with our
software we’d get a 500 error and once it happened that particular set of
commands would never recover until PHP-FPM was restarted.

If I have time I’ll see if I can get that application running on a server
without the patch to see if I can isolate the code that triggers the issue
in order to create a repeatable test.

Kind regards

Mike Hancock

On 04/07/2015 09:17, "Jonas Genannt" <genannt at debian.org> wrote:

>Hello Michael,
>> When calling hSet() a segfault is triggered. Only seems to affect PHP
>>5.6. We’re using
>> Debian 8 with PHP5.6 FPM.
>I have tried it with Jessie:
>php -v
>PHP 5.6.9-0+deb8u1 (cli) (built: Jun  5 2015 11:03:27)
>My Test-script connects to a Redis running on localhost also Jessie:
>$redis = new Redis();
>$redis->hSet('h', 'key1', NULL);
>echo "<br/>";
>echo "OK";
>echo "<br/>";
>echo "<br/>";
>$redis->hSet('h', 'key1', 'bar');
>echo "<br/>";
>echo "OK";
>I don't get any segfault. What PHP Version are you running on Jessie? Did
>you tried the
>latest 5.6.9-0+deb8u1?

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