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 Please do not see this as disturbance, because it is what will be of benefit to both of us. My name is Mrs.Zainab Ahmed Mohammed the wife of Al Mustafi Mohammed, the former personal service worker to the current president of Syria.

My late husband died in the front of war to the rebels fighting against the current president Mr. Bachar el-Assad , since his death i and my children has been living under close monitoring, because, the current president does not care about us and there is lots of war going on currently in Syria.

Well, let me not bore you with my ordeal stories, let me go straight to what i want to tell you, my late husband has 7 credit cards 4 master cards, and 3 visa cards, this cards can be used all over the world for shopping and withdrawal too.

Each card contain 100,000USD (ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS), and you can withdraw 2,500USD per day anywhere in the world. So now i have a total of 7 credit cards, and you can make a withdrawal of 17,500USD, per day...Please all am asking is for you to take 7,500USD and keep the remaining for me, i will tell you how to get my own share across to me or you might help me invest it.

Due to the war happening here, and no one is save here as well, me and my kids are not save too, so i decided to hide the cards, in the Gold wall clock that was given to my late husband by the president and gave to our chef Mr Bubba Musa to leave the country.

He is now in safe place Burkina Faso, where is seeking for a job. Bubba Musa can be trusted but i did not tell him about the cards so please do not let him about it.

Please i beg of you if you are ready to help me out and also make money for your self, write me and i will tell you what to do next.

My email address is 


Zainab Ahmed Mohammed
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