[Pkg-postgresql-public] Slony-I packaging

Stephen Frost sfrost@snowman.net
Mon, 26 Jul 2004 12:14:37 -0400

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* Peter Eisentraut (peter_e@gmx.net) wrote:
> You have possibly heard of Slony-I, the new replication engine for=20
> PostgreSQL.  It requires various pieces of the PostgreSQL source tree=20
> to build, so the only prospect right now is to integrate it with the=20
> postgresql package.  I tried briefly to hack the build system to stand=20
> on its own, but that almost ended up in an entire rewrite, so I=20
> abandonded that idea.  What do you think?  It's not really big, but=20
> it's quite crappily packaged.

It needs to stand on it's own and it certainly should not be integrated
w/ the postgresql package.  I doubt it's all *that* difficult, I
discussed the issue with the author and he didn't seem to think it'd be
that bad.  I believe it's also something he's intending to do at some
point in the future.

Integrating it w/ the postgresql package isn't an option though, things
used to be done that way and were done away with for good reason.  It is
unfortunate that upstream encourages this.

btw, have you looked at what's included in the postgresql-dev package?
That may help you get it building (while Build-Depend'ing on
postgresql-dev, which is fine).


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