[Pkg-postgresql-public] Pl/R

Stephen Frost sfrost@snowman.net
Wed, 24 Mar 2004 10:22:09 -0500

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* Christopher Browne (cbbrowne@libertyrms.info) wrote:
>  - Perhaps we could set up symlinks

I was thinking about that, not a bad idea imv.

>  - Perhaps the R Debian maintainer could push the libs to where "we want
> them".

I think the R people would get kind of annoyed by this.  Not sure

>  - Perhaps we need only add a LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the right environment.


> This might be something reasonably addable via a conditional setting,
> adding a few lines to the init.d file:
>  if [[ -e /usr/lib/R ]] ; then
>     R_HOME=3D/usr/lib/R
>     export R_HOME
>     export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
>  fi

That's possible, I was thinking about something more 'general' so that
we could support new PostgreSQL modules w/o changes to the postgresql
base package.  If this is pretty much the only case then it'd be less of
an issue.

> That leads down the unfortunate path of adding dependancies to the parent
> package.

I understand your attitude and concern.  I think these things will need
to be handled on a case-by-case basis though.  For this specific case
(linking against libstdc++) I really don't think there's that much to
complain about.  Chances are pretty darn good you've already got it
installed, it's part of base, apt-get uses it, etc.  I don't think
linking it in would really add much additional weight to the postgresql
server (it's only loaded if it's used anyway...) either.


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