[Pkg-postgresql-public] Re: [BUGS] Some patches to enhance the contrib build

Neil Conway neilc@samurai.com
Mon, 01 Nov 2004 14:06:45 +1100

On Mon, 2004-11-01 at 10:49, Martin Pitt wrote:
> The current Debian package has some patches that tweak the building of
> contrib modules. I think they would be interesting for other
> distributions, too. Most of this stuff was contributed by users who
> actually use these modules.

Thanks for letting us know.

BTW, the information in postgresql-7.4.6/debian/copyright is out of date
(old download URL, old PostgreSQL copyright dates & the regex copyright
should be updated per the license in src/backend/regex/COPYRIGHT).

20pg_dump_datestyle seems redundant (we already set DateStyle to ISO in

> 25contrib-dbmirror: 
>  - additionally install some useful scripts and data files

Makes sense to me, although I won't claim to be a dbmirror user. I'll
apply this to HEAD unless anyone objects.

> 25contrib-enablexml:
>  - enable xml module build
>  - Makefile: add CFLAGS for "-I/usr/include/libxml2" to allow building

ISTM the right fix is to use xml2-config.

> 25contrib-enablemysql:
>  - enable mysql module build
>  - add Makefile
>  - fix hashbang of mysql2pgsql
> 25contrib-enableoracle:
>  - enable oracle module build
>  - add Makefile
>  - patch ora2pg.pl to look for Ora2Pg.pm additionally in the path
>    where ora2pg.pl is installed
> 26dbf2pg-errorcheck:
>  - add better error checking to dbf2pg
> 27dbf2pg-textfield:
>  - add dbf2pg support for the dbase field 'M' which corresponds to
>    PostgreSQL's TEXT field

I can't find these patches in this diff:


could you tell me where to find them?