[Pkg-postgresql-public] Re: [BUGS] Some patches to enhance the contrib build

Martin Pitt martin@piware.de
Mon, 1 Nov 2004 09:11:32 +0100

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Hi again!

Martin Pitt [2004-11-01  9:04 +0100]:
> Neil Conway [2004-11-01 14:06 +1100]:
> > 20pg_dump_datestyle seems redundant (we already set DateStyle to ISO in
> > pg_dump).

I will look at this and remove it if appropriate. Thanks for the hint.

> > ISTM the right fix is to use xml2-config.
> Right, replacing the -I option with `xml2-config --cflags` works fine
> and seems to be more portable. Fixed in arch head.

BTW, I actually used

  CFLAGS +=3D $(shell xml2-config --cflags)

in the current patch. I do not really know which is more portable,
using backticks to call xml2-config at compiler invocation time, or
using the $(shell ) syntax which seems GNU make specific. Both wors,
your choice :-)

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