[Pkg-postgresql-public] PL/Java packaging

Peter Eisentraut peter_e@gmx.net
Thu, 2 Jun 2005 18:02:36 +0200

I've started packaging PL/Java and I think it's time to discuss some 
issues to make the packaging of plugins consistent.  So...

Package name: Since all plugins are tied to the server version, I think 
the server version ought to appear on the package name (like for binary 
Python packages).  So I went with postgresql-8.0-pljava.  Should there 
also be a metapackage postgresql-java that pulls in the "preferred" 
version (also like for Python packages)?  I guess so.

Installation location: Should plugins be installed into the server's 
pkglibdir, so they are automatically found, or to private directories, 
or perhaps to a designated third directory that we add to the server's 

On a different issue, what would you prefer: (a) pljava compiled with 
gcj that only works as untrusted language or (b) pljava compiled with 
Sun's JDK which works as trusted and untrusted language or perhaps both 
(or (c) pljava compiled with Kaffe which doesn't work at all)?