[Pkg-postgresql-public] PL/Java packaging

Peter Eisentraut peter_e@gmx.net
Mon, 6 Jun 2005 16:54:25 +0200

Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hm, I rather wouldn't do that. There is no "preferred" version for
> the PostgreSQL server, at least not at the moment. You have to
> install the matching server version (it should be drawn in as a
> dependency of -pljava). Since we could still add it later, can we
> leave it for now and see how it goes?

I'm not set on it, but for the existing packages -plr and -plruby we 
need a transition scheme anyway.

> > Installation location: Should plugins be installed into the
> > server's pkglibdir, so they are automatically found, or to private
> > directories, or perhaps to a designated third directory that we add
> > to the server's path?
> I think the requirement is that createlang should work out of the
> box.

The chances of that are nil because createlang only supports languages 
shipped with the PostgreSQL server package.  All third-party plugins 
must be installed with some sort of SQL script.  Those scripts can be 
made to work no matter where the shared libraries are installed.

> Thus option 1 would work with the current packages and I don't 
> have a problem with it. Option 3 is cleaner, though. Since
> "dynamic_library_path" defaults to $libdir, can $libdir be made to
> contain two paths by default?

No, that won't work.

I think for now we should go with putting them in the server's 
pkglibdir.  That's easy to script, and it makes it easy for the user to 
see what's installed.  It's not like we're going to have hundreds of 
libraries there.