[Pkg-postgresql-public] 8.0.3 pg_autovacuum not working

Stephen Frost sfrost@snowman.net
Mon, 6 Jun 2005 17:17:24 -0400

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* Thomas Mueller (tmm@tmueller.com) wrote:
> > I've installed Postgresql 8.0.3 on Sarge. The pg server works fine but I
> > think the autovacuum daemon doesn't, at least it doesn't log anything.
> In the meantime I'm sure that the daemon doesn't work. I did: 'vacuumdb
> --all --verbose --analyze' and got such results:
> INFO:  "dbmail_messages": removed 36465 row versions in 685 pages
> DETAIL:  CPU 0.11s/0.12u sec elapsed 2.09 sec.
> INFO:  "dbmail_messages": found 36465 removable, 94241 nonremovable row
> versions in 1834 pages
> The table hasn't been vacuumed for a long time.

I've been wondering about this myself and see it happening on my systems
too..  I'll try and dig deeper into it tommorow.

> I've set avac_debug=3D999 (I found no documentation what's the maximum) in
> the config but nothing is logged.
> If I start the daemon manually logging works:
> su postgres -c "/usr/lib/postgresql/8.0/bin/pg_autovacuum -p 5432 -L
> /tmp/avc.log -d 999"

Does it actually do anything?



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