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Robert Edmonds edmonds at debian.org
Sun Apr 9 18:21:56 UTC 2006


ip4r[0] is a small PostgreSQL module which provides some custom IP
address data types that are faster and more compact than the built-in
ones.  If anyone would like to sponsor the package (my key is not in the
active keyring), my initial packages[1] are available for review.  I
will be filing an ITP shortly.

The package description:

Description: IPv4 and IPv4 range index type for PostgreSQL
 This PostgreSQL module provides two data types, ip4 and ip4r, which can
 contain a single IPv4 address or a range of IPv4 addresses,
 While PostgreSQL already has built-in types 'inet' and 'cidr', the
 authors of this module found that they had a number of requirements
 that were not addressed by the built-in type.
 Firstly and most importantly, the built-in types have no support for
 index lookups of the form (column >>= parameter), i.e. where you have
 a table of IP address ranges and wish to find which ones include a
 given IP address.  This requires an rtree or gist index to do
 efficiently, and also requires a way to represent IP address ranges
 that do not fall precisely on CIDR boundaries.
 Secondly, the built-in inet/cidr are somewhat overloaded with
 semantics, with inet combining two distinct concepts (a netblock, and
 a specific IP within that netblock). Furthermore, they are variable
 length types (to support IPv6) with non-trivial overheads, and the
 authors (whose applications mainly deal in large volumes of single
 IPv4 addresses) wanted a more lightweight representation.
 ip4r therefore supports two distinct data types (so far):
   ip4   - a single IPv4 address
   ip4r  - an arbitrary range of IPv4 addresses

[0] http://ip4r.projects.postgresql.org/
[1] http://debian.cc.gt.atl.ga.us/packages/ip4r/

Robert Edmonds
edmonds at debian.org
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