[Pkg-postgresql-public] Re: PostgreSQL in Lenny, and the libpq transition

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Fri Apr 20 17:18:02 UTC 2007

Hi Michelle,

Michelle Konzack [2007-04-20 16:51 +0200]:
> Having created my private Packages but was running into trouble with
> php-pgsql which support only 8.1 but not 8.2 so I stay with 7.4.

Hm, in Ubuntu Feisty we have php5-pgsql built against libpq5 and
don't have a problem with it.

> According to the <pgsql-general> 8.2 should work stable, but do you
> have already an experience with the following packages:
> pgp-pgsql
> libpam-pgsql
> libnss-pgsql

I don't know them, but since all of them are client side applications,
I do not expect any problem at all. The API change in libpq5 was

> Please can you tell me which -dev Depends I should use?

Just libpq-dev, same as in Sarge all the way along.


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