[Pkg-postgresql-public] 8.1 does not create an initial database...

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Fri Apr 27 19:42:30 UTC 2007

Hi Michelle,

Michelle Konzack [2007-04-27 19:16 +0200]:
> Today morning I have installed a new PostgreSQL 8.1 on my
> Mobiloffice on a Solid-State-Disk using Etch/Stable and I
> was wondering, that it does not create the initial database.
> For some month, where Etch was Testing it had created one.
> Is this now a bug or one of the new features?

Definitively not a feature, it's supposed to create a cluster. Is
there any abnormal output when you apt-get install postgresql-8.1?

It will not create a cluster if you removed, but not purged the
package, or /etc/postgresql/8.1/<something> already exists. Also, it
will attempt, but fail to create a cluster if your default locale is
invalid (there are more reasons of course, but this is the most
common). If you do

  sudo pg_createcluster 8.1 main --start

what does it say?


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